Ear Center: ENG Instructions v.1.18

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About the ENG Test:   Your physician has ordered an ENG test (electronystagmogram) for you in order to quantitatively evaluate your inner ear balance system. The ENG is used to help determine the nature of your dizziness. The test usually causes no pain. Some patients experience some minor discomfort because cold water is placed in each ear at the end of the test. Some patients experience distinct dizziness. Occasionally, the test may make you feel nauseated or cause vomiting.  Many patients experience very few side effects, if any, from the test.
Assistance: You will need to be accompanied by a loved one or friend who will stay in the office during the entire test.  The person will need to drive you home because the test is often stimulating. You may feel weak, tired, or dizzy following the test. You should not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery during the day of the ENG test. 

Arriving on Time: It is important that you arrive on time for your ENG. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, the ENG will need to be rescheduled, as there will not be enough time for us to complete the evaluation. Testing usually takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. 

Eating: PLEASE DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING on the morning of the test. This includes coffee, juice, cola, mints, lozenges, cereal, or any other edible substances.

Medications: DO NOT take any of the following substances for 72 hours before the test (or the ENG results may not be valid, and the test will need to be rescheduled):

  • Alcohol, in any form 
  • Sleeping medications 
  • Antihistamines or cold remedies 
  • No-Doz or similar “stay awake” medications 
  • Medications for dizziness or pain (Meclizine®, Bonine®, Antivert®, Scopolamine, Vertab®, Tylenol with Codeine®, narcotics, etc)
  • Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, or muscle relaxant medications (a staff member may review these with you)

Heart/Blood Pressure Medications: You may continue to take your heart and blood pressure medications.
Tobacco: DO NOT use ANY FORM of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.) on the day of the test. 

Cosmetics: Please DO NOT WEAR FACIAL COSMETICS OR PERFUME on the day of the test as it will need to be removed in order to perform the test.

Clothing: We suggest that you wear comfortable slacks, pants, jeans, or a sweat suit. 

Results: If you do not have a follow-up appointment with your doctor, an audiologist will contact you with the results after your doctor has reviewed them. Test results will not be available on the day of test, as they require review and interpretation. Results are usually available within one week.
Cost:  The cost of an ENG test is usually covered by insurance. It is our policy to request payment for office services at the time of your office visit unless you are covered by an insurance plan with which we participate. 

Please feel free to contact the Audiology Department at (336) 273-9932 if you have any questions or concerns about your scheduled ENG.

Click here to download or print a copy of these instructions.

   Last revised July 1, 2019