Ear Center: Audiology Department

Our patient care is individualized for each patient and
our goal is to improve your quality of life through better hearing!


Sarah Allen, Ph.D., Au.D.


Teryl N. Delagrange, Au.D., CCC-A






ASHA Award - September 16, 2016

Jennifer Burkey, Au.D., has earned a 1st. ASHA Award for Continuing Education (ACE). This is an outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations, Jennifer!

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DEMO Days - Demo the newest in Digital Hearing Aids

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DEMO days are by appointment only and are without obligation.

State-of-the-Art Audiology

At the Hearing Aid and Hearing Implant Center at The Ear Center, we practice state-of-the-art audiology, including selling, fitting, and repairing of digital hearing aids. In addition to routine audiometric testing, we perform:

  • Comprehensive audiometric testing (pure tones, SRT's, WRS, etc.)
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic reflexes (ART's) and acoustic reflex decays (ARD's)
  • Hearing-in-noise testing
  • Perilymph fistula testing (with tympanometry or tympanometry + ENG)
  • Distortion product otoacoustic emission testing (DPOAE's) including spontaneous emission testing
  • Auditory brain stem response testing (ABR or BAER)
  • Auditory steady state response testing (ASSR)
  • Electronystagmography (ENG's)
  • Cochlear implant counseling, fitting and mapping - Advanced Bionics, Cochlear Americas, & MedEL
  • BAHA & Ponto fitting and adjustments
  • Esteem™ Totally Implantable Device programming
  • Other sophisticated audiometric testing

Having your hearing evaluated by a professional audiologist is the first step in determining if hearing aids or hearing implants are appropriate for you. If hearing aids are recommended, please consider these factors:

  1. Communication Needs: Living with a hearing loss not only affects you, but it affects your family, friends, and co- workers.
  2. Patient Motivation: Patient motivation is the number one key to patient satisfaction.
  3. Realistic Expectations: Hearing aids and hearing implants will improve most of your listening situations. However, hearing aids/implants cannot solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing.
  4. Aural Rehabilitation: Aural rehabilitation is very helpful in order to maximize your hearing with hearing aids.
  5. And remember: Hearing loss is more noticeable than hearing aids!

On-site Hearing Aid Lab for Repairs

In our on-site hearing aid lab, we evaluate hearing aids and are able to perform common hearing aid repairs. We also provide ear mold services for hearing aids and devices and perform custom ear plug services for hearing aids, noise protection, swimming, and musicians.

Last revised April 7, 2020