EC: Sleeping Baby Hearing Foundation (SBHF)

The Sleeping Baby Hearing Foundation, a 501c3 organization, has been established to promote early identification of hearing loss in newborns and infants. The earlier that hearing loss is identified and treated, the better opportunity that a child has to develop speech and language and to achieve their genuine developmental potential.

The Sleeping Baby Hearing Test App is a new iOS smart-phone/mobile device app that enables mothers to perform a non-invasive, behavioral hearing screen at home with their newborns, age 2 weeks to 6 months of age. The app is offered as a free download from the Apple App Store for humanitarian purposes.

The original Sleeping Baby Hearing Screen concept was developed by the late Dr. William F. House, the pioneer of cochlear implants. The current SBHT App was developed by Eric M. Kraus, M.D., M.S. , F.A.C.S.

The SBHF hopes to partner with other foundations and industries to help promote the early identification of hearing loss in babies around the world.

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