Neuromonics & Brain Adaptation

About Neuromonics Treatment

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment (NTT) is an FDA approved medical device used to treat refractive tinnitus using principles of neurologic habituation. NTT utilizes a music playing device that provides a customized carrier wave to mask the tinnitus combined with a regular music signal to provide easy listening during treatment.

The patient's tinnitus frequency is measured, and a custom carrier wave is programmed into the NTT. The patient listens to the NTT for 2 hours/evening for 6-8 months. While listening to the music, the carrier wave cancels the tinnitus. Over time, the carrier wave is reduced leaving only the music. The brain gets used to the tinnitus being canceled (habituation). The goal is to eliminate the tinnitus through central compensation and habituation. A maintenance program may be required to maintain the treatment benefits.

Please contact the UNC-G Speech and Hearing Center at (336) 334-5939 for more information concerning Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment.  You may visit the UNC-G Department of Communication & Speech Sciences here.

Last revised June 25, 2019