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Oticon Digital Hearing Aids at the Ear Center

Sensei - Pediatric Hearing Aid




1. Available as Sensei Pro and Sensei

2. Maximum Audibility

3. Speech Guard E

4. SmartFit Trainer

5. Voice Priority i

6. Inium Feedback Shield

7. FM Compatibility Filter

8. 10 KHz Bandwidth

9. Robustness

10. ConnectLine

11. Tristate Noise Management

12. Water Resistant















1. Mid level hearing aid.

2. Able to sense where sounds are coming from around you.

3. Integrated directional microphones.

4. Whistling and feedback protective functions.

5. Seals to keep water, dust, and debris out.

6. All key components are coated to be moisture resistant.

7. Spatial Sound Advance to preserve the natural level differences between the ears to aid in sound localization.

8. Focus Free to improve speech in groups.

9. Inium Feedback Shield that utilizes 3 types of advanced signal processing to control and limit feedback.

10. Youmatic Advanced that combines settings that fit your preferences.

11. Nera2 Pro Ti - tinnitus option available





1. ConnectLine is a series of devices that links with Oticon hearing devices and turns them into personal wireless headsets.

2. Stream phone conversations, TV, your favorite music, computer & mobile video chats, podcasts, live performances and presentations directly to your hearing devices.

3. Clip the ConnectLine mini-microphone to a family member or friend to enhance your hearing in noisy environments like an outdoor cafe.

4. Devices include:

-ConnectLine phone adapter 2.0

-ConnectLine TV adapter 2.0

-ConnectLine microphone



Oticon Opn



1. Premium hearing aid

2. Made for iPhone hearing aid

3. Wireless connection to iPhone and other smart devices

4. Use your phone for volume control & program changes

5. Use the TV adapter to stream TV shows & movies up to 15 meters in stereo and with Dolby Digital

6. Connect to the "If This Then That" (IFTTT) network via the Oticon cloud solution.


Oticon Opn - Exploded



1. Fast sound processing, scanning the environment 100 times/sec.

2. Access to 360 degree sound

3. Continually adjusts & balances incoming sounds

4. 30% better speech understanding

5. Remote control available

6. Available in miniRite style & in 8 different colors




1. Make hands free calls to both ears

2. High quality streaming using 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy from any modern smartphone

3. Remote microphone functionality

4. Create wireless headset connection to your computer

5. Pair ConnectClip directly or using Oticon's BTD 800 USB dongle

6. Use as a remote control to adjust volume and change programs


Oticon Style Options


Oticon Color Options


Oticon Custom Style Options


Oticon Dome/Mold Options


If you would like to learn more about Oticon Digital Hearing Aids at The Ear Center, please contact our Audiology Department at 336-273-9932.

You may also learn more about Oticon products by visiting the Oticon website at www.oticonusa.com.

Last revised June 22, 2018