Ear Center: Phonak Digital Hearing Aids

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Phonak Digital Hearing Aids at the Ear Center


Naida Q



  1. Powerful aid in a very small size
  2. Superb audibility, durability and design
  3. Speech in Wind to enhance speech in windy conditions
  4. Auto StereoZoom to help reduct noise
  5. Auto Zoom Control when you are not facing the person who is speaking
  6. FlexControl for personalized increase in volume and clarity
  7. EchoBlock improves understanding in echoey environments
  8. StereoZoom
  9. ZoomControl ability to choose the hearing focus
  10. SoundRelax reduces annoying sounds
  11. WindBlock suppresses wind noise
  12. FlexVolume to make targeted adjustments
  13. Real Ear Sound for natural sound orientation
  14. DuoPhone with a push of a button, the phone signal is heard in both ears
  15. QuickSync to control both instruments with one touch
  16. CROS compatibility
  17. SoundRecover to enhance high frequency sounds
  18. auto Acclimatization
  19. SoundFlow continuous and instant optimization to all environments
  20. UltraZoom fades noise coming from your sides
  21. WhistleBlock effective feedback suppression
  22. NoiseBlock for control in background noise
  23. Available in 4 models:
    Premium: Q90 (all features 1-23, 20 channels)
    Advanced: Q70 (features 8-23, 16 channels)
    Standard: Q50 (features 14-23, 12 channels)
    Essential: Q30 (features 17-23, 8 channels)

Sky V





  1. 4 SkyV BTE models: SkyV RIC, V90, V70, and V50
  2. Optimized for kids & teens
  3. Inidicator light confirms "power on"
  4. Tamperproof battery door & ear hooks for increased safety
  5. Light-weight composite materials
  6. IP68 water resistant & dust tight rating
  7. Available in 16 colors
  8. 7 colored ear hooks, 16 Roger receivers
  9. SoundRecovery2
  10. AutoSense Sky OS dedicated pediatric operating system
  11. Hear teachers at a distance with RogerReady for Roger microphones
  12. RogerReady accessories include: Roger Pen, Touchscreen mic, Clip-on mic, DECT II cordless phone, & Roger Receivers

Virto B-Titanium



  1. Made from Titanium for mild to moderate hearing loss
  2. Custom made to fit your ear
  3. Strong, light, durable
  4. Super discreet - the smallest Phonak hearing aid
  5. Uses #10 batteries
  6. AutoSense OS to adapt to every sound environment automatically
  7. No need for manual adjustment
  8. Available with different face plate and shell covers
  9. Integrated push button for program or volume adaption







  1. In the Ear hearing aid (ITE)
  2. Speech in Wind
  3. auto StereoZoom
  4. DuoPhone
  5. auto Zoom Control
  6. Connect & communicate with wireless devices

Phonak CROS II




  1. Small and stylish wireless CROS/BiCROS system
  2. Two part system: transmitter microphone placed in the non-hearing ear and a receiver hearing aid placed in the hearing ear
  3. Available in multiple colors
  4. Real Ear Sound
  5. SoundFlow for automatic optimization
  6. Signal alerts such as low battery, etc.
  7. QuickSync to sync volume and programs with one-touch synchronization


Phonak AccessLine



  1. Phonak ComPilot II to connect to your cell phone, MP3 player, and Bluetooth devices
  2. Complete control of your hearing aid to answer phone calls and change your hearing aids volume and program settings without the need to touch your phone or hearing aids
  3. Phonak TVLink S to direct your favorite television program to your hearing aids in stereo sound quality
  4. Phonak RemoteMic to help you to understand a one-on-one conversation

Roger Pen Microphone



  1. Wireless direct audio input to help in noisy environments such as a restaurant, when surrounded by loud conversation or music, and when struggling to hear the conversation right in front of you or at a distance.
  2. Reduces background noise.
  3. Transfers sound directly to your hearing aids through a Roger receiver.
  4. Place the Roger Pen on a table, hold it in your hand or pass it to whoever is speaking.
  5. Vibrant sound. Less stress. More comfort.
  6. Helpful for TV, PC, MP3 and cell phone calls.
  7. Use in meetings and lectures.
  8. Works with ComPilot on the right.
  9. Learn more about the Roger Pen...



Audeo B-R Rechargeable HA



  1. 24 hours of hearing with one 3 hour charge
  2. Optional quick 30 minute charge providing up to 6 hours of hearing
  3. 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries
  4. Lithium-ion battery technology
  5. Easy to use smart charging station options
  6. Smart charging case, power pack or mini-charger
  7. Auto-Sense OS operating system to seamlessly adapt to sounds whereever you are
  8. Available in 8 different color options

Audeo B-R Rechargeable Size



  1. Small size compared to a US dime.
  2. 3 hrs to recharge
  3. Can be recharged up to 1500 hours (about 4 years)
  4. No battery door
  5. Battery replaceable by Phonak


Audeo B-R Charging Case



  1. Handy recharging case - size in relationship to a US dime.
  2. Optional recharging base for complete portability
  3. Cleaning brush
  4. 3 hour charge time

Audeo B-R Small, Portable Charger



  1. Small portable charger - size in relationship to a US dime.
  2. Plug into USB, etc.
  3. Perfect for traveling.


If you have any questions about hearing aids or would like to have a hearing test and personal hearing consultation, please call our office at 336-273-9932 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are provided during morning hours and generally last approximately one hour to allow ample time for our audiologists to address your questions and concerns.

We look forward to helping you hear better!

Last revised June 18, 2017