Ear Center: ReSound Digital Hearing Aids and Wireless Technology

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ReSound Digital Hearing Aids at The Ear Center






  1. 50% better at identifying speech in various environments.
  2. Hear up to 80% more of the sounds around you.
  3. Understand up to 40% more speech in noise.
  4. Top-rated quality with clear speech.
  5. Spatial Sense gives you clear and natural sense around you by emulating the way the outer ear channels sound to your inner ear.
  6. Binaural Directionality III permits you to be able to focus on what you want to hear without being cut off from your surroundings. BD increases your environmental awareness. This supports your natural ability to focus on speech, even in the noisiest situations.
  7. Compatible with the Resound Smart 3D app. You can make quick adjustments. The app can offer tips for optimizing your hearing in any given situation. The app can track the location of your hearing aids when you can't find them.
  8. The app works with your mobile phone and the Apple Watch.
  9. Many wireless accessories available including: ReSound Micro Mic and Multi Mic, Phone Clip, and TV Streamer 2.
  10. Available in 6 RIE and BTE styles (in 17 colors) and 6 custom styles (in 8 colors).
  11. Styles include RIC, BTE and ITC models.






  1. ENZO 3D is technology for patients who have severe-to-profound hearing loss.
  2. ReSound Smart Hearing permits conversation at a crowded restaurant or when walking down a busy street.
  3. Adjusts to your environment and optimizes what you want, and need, to hear.
  4. Hear more speech in noise.
  5. ENZO 3D's work like wireless headphones using With Made for iPhone technology to stream phone calls, music and sounds from your iPhone, iPad or iTouch directly to your hearing aids.
  6. You may stream sound from an Android or any Blue-tooth enabled phone by using a discreet ReSound Phone Clip+.
  7. 70% better speech understanding with FaceTime video and voice streaming compared to a regular call.
  8. Stream sounds from a wide range of ReSound wireless accessories (see options below).
  9. Use the ReSound Smart 3D app to control your ENZO 3Ds right from your phone.
  10. Has Sound Enhancer to customize volume, bass/middle/treble and to reduce wind noise.
  11. Has Geo-tag to tag favorite locations to switch right to the same settings the next time that you arrive at that location.
  12. Use Find My Hearing Aids in order to see the last recorded location of your hearing aids on a map to help you know where to look for your aids.
  13. 12 days of battery life even while streaming calls and music for up to 4 hours per day.
  14. Coated with iSolate nanotech to stay sealed and protected against dirt, moisture, dust, or ear wax. Step out into the rain with confidence.
  15. Available in High Power and Super Power models in 13 colors.

Resound Accessories



  1. ReSound Micro Mic and Multi Mic stream sound directly to your ReSound aid.
  2. ReSound Phone Clip+ gives you the freedom and control while streaming phone calls, music or sound from your Blue-tooth-enabled phone.
  3. These accessories will work with some cochlear implants.
  4. ReSound TV Streamer permits streaming from your TV directly to your hearing aids wirelessly. You can control the TV volume that is the TV volume being too loud for the rest of the family.


Smart Phone/Watch Compatibility




  1. Make quick adjustments on the main screen of the app.
  2. The app can provide advice about your hearing aids and help to optimize your hearing in any given situation.
  3. You may track the location of your hearing aids when you can't find them.
  4. Compatible with the Apple Watch.

LiNX Quattro






  1. LiNX Quattro is available as either a replaceable battery option or as a rechargeable option.
  2. New premium rechargeable option.
  3. Portable charging case holds 3 full charges of power.
  4. 1 charge lasts more than a full day.
  5. Made for iPhone hearing aids with apps and streaming.
  6. ReSound Smart 3D app permits access to sound enhancements, save favorites and GeoTag locations, and use "Find My Hearing Aids" function.
  7. Easy to monitor battery status with the Smart 3D app and LED lights on the charging case indicate the power status of both your hearing aids and the charger.
  8. Available in 17 colors.


Please contact our Audiology Department at 336-273-9932 if you would like to learn more about ReSound Hearing Aids and wireless technology. We invite you to come in and test drive the latest in wireless technology from ReSound!

Last revised June 29, 2019