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Hearing Aid Service at The Ear Center

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Hearing Aid Repairs & Brands
Additional Services
Drop-off Hearing Aid Service
On-site Service
Ear Molds
Hearing Aid Accessories
Cochlear Implant Accessories/Repairs
Support for BAHA Sound Processors
Support for Ponto Sound Processors


Hearing Aid Repairs

Repairs: We offer on-site hearing aid repairs in our hearing aid lab. If we cannot repair your hearing aid, we can arrange to have it repaired for you in a timely manner. Some repairs are more complex than others.

Brands: At our Hearing Aid & Implant Center at The Ear Center, we sell and service many brands of hearing aids. We specialize in Phonak™, ReSound™, Widex™, and Oticon™ brands.

Please ask us for a copy of our current fee schedule for hearing service and repairs.


Audiology Office Visit: includes otoscopy & basic cleaning of your hearing aid(s)


Additional Services

Change tubing, hook(s), battery door(s) and/or filter
Custom shells for receivers
Real Ear verification assessment
Real Ear verification with programming
Programming of hearing aid(s)
Receiver replacement
Ear mold
Noise plugs - basic, non-filtered
Musician's plugs
Swim plugs
HA shell repair/feedback dip solution
Counseling/aural habilitation
Manufacturer repair


Drop-Off Hearing Aid Service (aids left at the Ear Center, no appointment)

Drop-off (includes basic cleaning and listening check)
Change tubing, hook(s), battery door and/or filter
Replace receivers
Manufacturer repair


On-site repairs in the Hearing Aid & Implant Center at The Ear Center

We provide some on-site basic hearing aid repairs, cleaning, and maintenance (change filters, tubing, domes).

If your hearing aid requires major repairs, we would recommend a factory repair and will discuss the details with you.

Ear Molds

Ear molds: Our audiologists have special expertise in creating custom ear molds for hearing aids, noise protection, swimming, and musician plugs.

Hearing aid molds $75.00/ear
Impression for ear mold $10.00/impression
Noise Protection (HPD"s) $100.00-200.00/set
Musicians plugs $110/ear
Swim plugsĀ  $75/ear


Hearing Aid Accessories

Tubing, hook, battery door $ 5.00/item replaced
Tube Blower $ 5.00
Battery tester $10.00 (order item, not in stock)
Dri Aid Kit $10.00/jar
Listening Stethoscope $35.00
Dry & Store $200.00
Desiccants Blocks $10.00/set of 3
TV Ears $300.00
Doc's Plugs $10.00/pack
*BATTERIES $6.00/pack 4 packs/$20.00
*Special Offer: If you refer a patient to our office who purchases a hearing aid, you will receive 12 packs of free batteries for your hearing aid in appreciation for your referral.


Cochlear Implant Accessories/Repairs

All parts for cochlear implants are to be ordered by patients through their implant manufacturer. We are able to place orders, but patients must purchase through the manufacturer.  To contact the manufacturer for parts or to obtain supplies:

Advanced Bionics 866-431-4977
Cochlear Americas 800-483-3123
MedEL 888-633-3524 (toll free)


Support for BAHA Sound Processors

For BAHA recipients:

  • Please contact our audiologists at 336-273-9932 for service and repairs for your BAHA5, BAHA5 Power, or BAHA5 SuperPower sound processor.

Support for Ponto Sound Processors

  • Please contact our audiologists at 336-273-9932 for service and repairs for your Ponto sound processor.


Last updated: 10/19/2017