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Naida CI Q70
Neptune Sound Processor
Neptune Features


The latest cochlear implant internal receivers from AB & Phonak are the HiRes 90K implants.

Advanced Bionics & Phonak - HiRes 90K ICS Family


Advanced Bionics HiRes 90K Advantage CI with HiFocus Mid-Scalar Electrode



Left Ear, OR C-arm x-ray:

HiRes 90K Mid-Scalar Electrode within cochlea



Naida CI Q70 by Advanced Bionics & Phonak

Advanced Bionics & Phonak's newest cochlear implant sound processor (SP) is the Naida CI Q70:

  • 40% smaller than previous AB behind-the-ear sound processors
  • 55% improvement in speech understanding in noise
  • 100% wireless connectivity to consumer electronic devices (including Apple, Samsung & Nokia)
  • AB technologies include:
    • T-Mic 2 - natural microphone placement, discreet, soft touch earhook design
    • AutoSound - automatically adapts to unique listening environments
    • ClearVoice - speech enhancement technology that adapts to each listening situation
    • HiRes Fidelity 120 - for accurate sound, using 120 spectral bands to deliver 5x more sound resolution
    • HiRes Optima Sound Processing - AB's newest sound processing strategy designed to optimize battery life
    • Universal headpiece - a sleek, low-profile design for all day use (four colors: black, white, beige, dark brown)
    • Naida CI Listening Check module permits the user to easily check all of the system's microphones (headpiece mic, two on-processor mics, and the T-Mic 2)
    • AB Off-the-Ear power options include
      • Naida CI Clips - right and left clips allow the SP to be worn completely off-the-ear
      • Naida CI Power Adapter - permits wearing the battery off-the-ear
      • AAA PowerPak Accessory - longer battery life, up to 129 hrs
      • Disposable batteries - offering up to 30 hrs of battery life
      • Rechargeable PowerCel Batteries - 3 sizes for up to 16 hrs of battery life
      • Naida CI PowerCel Charger - includes a USB connection for portability and flexibility. Will charge 4 PowerCel batteries simultaneously
  • Incorporates Phonak UltraZoom & Binaural VoiceStream Technology
    • DuoPhone - automatic streaming of calls to both ears
    • QuickSync - one-touch control of two processors
    • ZoomControl - dual microphone technology for improved speech understanding
    • Future capability for upcoming Phonak features
  • Features "instyle" design
  • Integrates Phonak's AccessLine accessories
    • Phonak ComPilot for streaming music and calls
    • Phonak TVLink for watching television
    • Phonak RemoteMic for wireless communication in noisy places
    • AB myPilot easy-to-use remote control for status information and one-touch changes to programs, volume, and sensitivity settings


ABC_naida_CIQ70_SP ABC_girl_naidaCIQ70_SP
Advanced Bionics & Phonak Naida CI Q70 Sound Processor
Young patient wearing the latest AB& Phonak Naida CI Q70



Neptune Sound Processor by Advanced Bionics - the World's First Waterproof CI Sound Processor


netune1_underwater neptune2_girl_in_water
Neptune CI Sound Processor worn on the right arm during swimming Neptune arm band during bath time


neptune3_sound_processors neptune4_sound_processors
Neptune CI Sound Processors Neptune with external transmitters


Advanced Bionics Corporation (ABC) has announced its newest cochlear implant sound processor, the Neptune. The Neptune is the world's first waterproof CI sound processor and has been approved by the U.S. FDA.

Now, patients being implanted with an ABC cochlear implant will have the choice of wearing either the Harmony (non-waterproof) or the Neptune (waterproof) sound processors. If hospital practices and insurance reimbursement is supportive, patients will have the opportunity to purchase dual-sound processor systems i.e. two Harmony SP's, two Neptune SP's, or one of each.

Being waterproof, one can swim or bathe with the Neptune! Hearing is still delivered during these important times, especially for babies and young, active children.

The Neptune is a free-style design so that nothing is worn on the outer ear. The Neptune may be worn in the hair, on the arm, under their collar, or in their pocket without compromising hearing performance.

The Neptune design is tough and rugged. It carries an IP68 rating that offers maximum protection against solid particles and various forms of moisture. CI patients now have an opportunity to hear in all weather, all sports, and all terrain.

Neptune includes ABC's ClearVoice™, HiRes Fidelity 120™, and AutoSound™ technologies.

Neptune's Features:

  • Swim with the Neptune
  • Bond during bath time
  • Freestyle Design
  • ClearVoice™, HiRes Fidelity 120™, and AutoSound™ technologies
  • Removable controls
  • Flexible wearing options
  • Fashion-forward colors
  • Off-the-Shelf AAA battery
  • Convenient wearing accessories

To learn more about Advanced Bionics CIs, visit their website at

If you have questions about cochlear implantation at The Ear Center of Greensboro, P.A., please contact our Audiology Department at 336-273-9932 during normal business hours.

Last revised November 18, 2015