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Cochlear Nucleus Profile Cochlear Implants from Cochlear Americas

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Cochlear Nucleus Profile with Slim Modiolar Electrode (CI532)
Cochlear Nucleus Profile Contour Advance (CI512)
Cochlear Nucleus Profile with Slim Straight Electrode (CI522)
Nucleus 6 Sound Processor - ear level processor
Cochlear Kanso Processor - off-the-ear processor


Cochlear Nucleus Profile with Slim Modiolar Electrode CI532

Newest Electrode Design:

Cochlear Americas' Nucleus Profile CI with a slim modiolar electrode (CI532) is the newest CI design from Cochlear that has been built on 30 years of experience and has been developed in collaboration with CI surgeons. The C1532 is the thinnest perimodiolar electrode platform.

  • Thinnest full length perimodiolar electrode design with 60% less volume
  • Soft, flexible and atraumatic
  • Round window, ERW, or cochleostomy insertion
  • Reloadable in the OR
  • Power efficient - stimulus amplitude range 0 uA to 1750 uA, nominal at 37 degrees C
  • Stimulation rates up to 31.5 kHz
  • Enable the sound processor to confirm whether it is coupled to the nominated implant
  • Monopolar, bipolar & common ground stimulation modes using biphasic current pulses & flexible programming options
  • Telemetry capability - ultra low noise floor (~ 1 uV), enabling AutoNRT telemetry
  • Includes fully integrated electrophysiologic telemetry modes - NRT, Auto NRT, ESRT, ABR, CEP & intraoperative NRT
  • Access to 1.5T MRI with magnet in place
  • Access to 3.0T MRI with magnet removed
Cochlear Nucleus Profile with Slim Modiolar Electrode (CI532)



Cochlear Nucleus Profile Contour Advance CI512 features include:

The Nucleus Profile cochlear implant has a thin profile that is useful for cochlear implants for young children. The Nucleus Profile is available with a coiled electrode (Contour Advance CI512) and a Slim Straight electrode CI522 (see below).

  • The Profile is 3.9 mm thick and almost two times stronger than the Nucleus CI24RE device
  • Thinnest implant body with no pedestal
  • Indicated for both children and adults
  • Reinforced silicone rubber surrounding the implant for added protection
  • Titanium casing for high impact resistance
  • Implant coil enabling telemetry
  • Symmetric, side by side exit leads from main casing
  • Smooth external geometry to minimize biofilm formation and reduce risk of infection
  • Same device is used for the right or left ear
  • Removable magnet allows for MRI safety at 1.5 Tesla and reduced image distortion
  • Circle on magnet indicates the side that should be away from the bone
  • Sterilized replacement magnet (Z179608) and non-magnetic plug (Z146624) to assist MRI procedures
  • MRI compatible up to 1.5 Tesla with magnet removal.
  • Best MRI outcomes are achieved by removing the magnet which reduces image artifact by 60-70% around the implant site
  • Weight = 8.6 grams including electrode array
  • Impact = Resistant against external impact up to 2.5 joules


Cochlear Nucleus Profile Implant with Contour Advance Electrode CI512


Cochlear Nucleus Contour Advance Electrode (CI512) for perimodiolar electrode insertion


Cochlear Nucleus Profile with Slim Straight Electrode (CI522)

Features: same as Cochlear Nucleus Profile Contour Advance (CI512) except with slim straight electrode


Cochlear Nucleus Profile Implant with Slim Straight Electrode CI522


Cochlear Nucleus Profile Slim Straight Electrode (CI522)

Features of the Slim Straight Electrode include:

  • Softip measuring 0.3mm diameter at apical end to minimize insertion trauma
  • 22 half-banded platinum electrodes delivering the greatest number of spectral channels over 19.1 mm active length
  • Intracochlear electrode, smooth lateral surface
  • Two white markers indicating insertion depth ranged at 20 mm and 25 mm.
  • Patented basal stiffener enabling a smooth, single motion insertion for ease of use and to minimize insertion trauma
  • Basal diameter at 0.6 mm
  • Handle and optimized lead angle for electrode orientation and ease of surgical handling
  • Two extracochlear electrodes designed to deliver a more individualized stimulation and better mapping
  • The slim straight electrode is suitable for round window or cochleostomy procedures
  • Power efficient
    • Stimulus amplitude range: 0 to 1.75 mA
    • Stimulation rates up to 31.5 kHz
  • Implant identification
  • Stimulation modes
    • Monopolar, bipolar and common ground stimulation modes using biphasic current pulses
  • Telemetry capable
    • Ultra-low-noise floor (approx. 1 uV) enabling advance AutoNRT telemetry capabilities
    • Includes fully integrated electrophysiologic telemetry modes: NRT, AutoNRT, ESRT, ABR, CEP and intraoperative NRT


Nucleus 6 CI Sound Processor System & Accessories

Nucleus 6 Cochlear Implant System


Cochlear Americas's latest cochlear implant sound processor - the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor

Features include

  • A 5x more powerful computer chip than the previous Nucleus 5 Sound Process
  • Smart Sound Processing - helpful in noisy situations
  • Cochlear data logging - records how the sound processor is being used every day
  • Wireless Ready - able to connect to 2.4GHz wireless devices once software is upgraded. The new software is underdevelopment and has not been approved by the FDA
  • Capacity to Upgrade in the future

*Nucleus 6 Sound Processor

  • The new CP920 is the smallest Cochlear sound processor yet - the CP920 is 12% shorter than the CP810 when used with a disposable battery
  • Synchronized microphones
  • Up to 60 hours of battery life with disposable batteries
  • IP57 water resistance when using rechargeable batteries (rechargeable batteries are currently unavailable, pending FDA approval)
  • Choice in control
  • Limitless style options - many colors and skins from
  • Five year warranty - covers cosmetic, mechanical, electrical and water damage

*Please note: the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor works with the following internal CI receivers from Cochlear Americas:

  • CI24RE (CA) Contour Advance
  • C!24RE (ST) Straight
  • CI422 with slim straight electrode
  • Cochlear Nucleus Profile


Cochlear Kanso Off-The-Ear Sound Processor

In September 2016, Cochlear announced their first off-the-ear CI sound processor, Kanso. Kanso provides patients with a small, discreet sound processor and eliminates the conventional behind-the-ear style processor.

Cochlear Kanso: Off-The-Ear CI Sound Processor


Kanso Features:

  • Kanso is compatible with the following Cochlear CI's: CI512, CI522, CI532, CI24(RE)CA, CI422, CI24RE(ST), N24 and Hybrid L24.
  • Has Cochlear True Wireless technology to permit streaming directly to the Kanso
  • Using Cochlear's Aqua+ accessory, swimming is possible
    • Kanso Sound Processor is water resistant to level IP54 of the International Standard IEC60529
    • With the Aqua+, Kanso is water resistant to level IP68 of the International Standard when used with LR44 alkaline or nickel metal hydride disposable batteries.


To learn more about Cochlear Americas CI's, visit their website at

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