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WHAT'S NEW - Website Updates !!

This is where we will announce the most recent additions to our web site.
If you've visited us before and want to know what has changed, please read the items listed below.

New! - Patient Portal - "MyRecords"

The Ear Center has now had a year's experience with our fully integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system by SuiteMed called, "Intelligent Medical Software" (IMS). IMS permits us to fully comply with Meaningful Use and provide even better medical record documentation for our patients.

Our new patient portal, MyRecords, is now available to make it easy for you to view your health information. Click here.

New! - U.S. FDA approves MedEL's cochlear implants for Single-Sided Deafness and Asymmetric Sensorineural Hearing Loss

On July 22, 2019, the U.S. FDA approved MedEL's Synchrony and Synchrony 2 cochlear implants for treatment of patients, age 5 or older, with single-sided deafness and patients with asymmetric sensorineural hearing loss. The technology will help the bad ear hear rather than current treatments that route sound from the patient's bad side to the patient's good ear. Click here to learn more.

New! - Advanced Bionics HiRes Ultra 3D cochlear implant that is MRI compatible

On August 30, 2018, Advanced Bionics announced the new HiRes Ultra 3D cochlear implant that is MRI compatible, with conditions, up to 3 Tesla field strength. Click here to learn more.

New! - Cochlear Americas Cochlear Nucleus Profile Plus Series cochlear implant that is MRI compatible

Cochlear Americas has introduced the new Cochlear Nucleus Profile Plus series CI that are MRI compatible in 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla MRI units. Click here to learn more.

New Audiologist

We are delighted that Raine Taylor, Au.D. has joined our Audiology Department on May 20, 2019. Raine was just granted her Au.D. degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

New! - ADHEAR from MedEL

MedEL has announced their new bone conduction hearing device called the ADHEAR. Click here to learn more.

New! - Roger Select Microphone from Phonak

Phonak has released its newest multi-directional microphone called the Roger Select. Click here to learn more.

ASHA Award - September 16, 2016

Jennifer Burkey, Au.D., has earned a 1st. ASHA Award for Continuing Education (ACE). This is an outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations, Jennifer!

New! - Audiologists

We are delighted that Raine Taylor, Au.D. joined our Audiology Department on May 20, 2019. Raine was just granted her Au.D. degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Teryl Delagrange, Au.D., Claudia Mason, Au.D.,and Sarah Allen, Au.D. are also part of our Audiology Department.

Terry has been practicing audiology for greater than 50 years and has brought tremendous expertise to our group. Terry has special expertise in programming and fitting digital hearing aids.

Claudia is a very accomplished clinical audiologist with 20-plus years of diagnostic, hearing aid and cochlear implant experience at two major university-based medical centers and three ENT practices. She has two decades of experience working with Cochlear Corporation devices, including various Nucleus cochlear implants and the BAHA hearing implant.

Sarah has special expertise testing pediatric patients and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.

Click here to learn more.

Dr. Kraus Featured in the April 2015 issue of Iowa Alumni Magazine

Dr. Kraus' "Sleeping Baby Hearing Test App" and "Sleeping Baby Hearing Foundation" were recently featured in the April 2015 issue of The University of Iowa's Iowa Alumni Magazine. Click here to read the article.

New! - TEDx talk! Watch Dr. Kraus' TEDxGreenboro TED talk on the Sleeping Baby Hearing Test App

Dr. Kraus presented a TED talk entitled "Hearing, Smart Phones & Empowerment" and the development of the Sleeping Baby Hearing Test App for smart phones/mobile devices at the 2014 TEDxGreensboro Event on May 8, 2014!

Click here to watch the video!

New! - Hearing Aid Analyzer - State of the Art

Our audiology department has just received its new hearing aid analyzer, the Axziom. The Axziom now permits us to digitally analyze hearing aids, perform Real Ear Measurements, and synthesize speech conditions. The equipment will enable us to better fit pediatric patients with appropriate hearing aid amplification. Family members may now hear what their loved ones are hearing with and without their hearing aids.

Please contact our audiology department at 336-273-9932 if you would like to have your hearing aid analyzed!

Hearing Aid Demo Days

Click here for information concerning our upcoming Demo Days for the latest in digital hearing aid technology.

The Kraus K-Helix Prostheses are granted a U.S. Utility Patent #8,057,542

The Kraus K-Helix Prostheses (K-Helix Crown and K-Helix Piston) have been granted a U.S. utility patent. The patent was published by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on November 1, 2011. Click below to review the patent.

U.S. Patent #8,057,542 B2. Ossicular Prosthesis Having Helical Coil.
Date of patent = November 15, 2011. Int. Cl. A6IF 2/18, H04R 25/00, U.S. Cl. 623/10; 600/25. Field of Classification Search 623/10; 600/39, 25.

New! - Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aid - Audeo B-R Rechargeable

Phonak has also announced its first rechargeable hearing aid, the Audeo B-R Rechargeable. Never change tiny hearing aid batteries again! Many options available. Click here.

New! - Hearing Aids from Phonak, Oticon, and Widex!

Check out the latest digital hearing aid technology from Phonak (the Phonak Naida Q, Audeo Q, Bolero & Virto), Oticon (the Sensei Pediatric, Safari Super Power, Design, Alta2 & Nera), and Widex (Dream 440, 330, 220, & 110 and Unique 440, 330, 220, 110).

New! - Roger Pen Microphone by Phonak

Check out the new Roger Pen Microphone by Phonak. In combination with the Phonak ComPilot, the Roger Pen provides wireless direct audio input to your hearing aids. Roger makes hearing in noisy situations, restaurants, or from a distance much easier.

New! - Nucleus 7 Sound Processor & System

Cochlear Americas has announced its new Nucleus 7 Sound Processor. The Nucleus 7 is the smallest and lightest CI sound processor available. It is capable of true wireless streaming and has Made for iPhone compatibility. Click here to learn more about the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor.

New! - Neptune Waterproof Cochlear Implant Sound Processor!

Advanced Bionics Corporation has developed the first waterproof cochlear implant sound processor called the Neptune. The Neptune may be worn during swimming, bathing, etc. Click here for more information about the Neptune.

New! - Family Resource Guide for Hearing Loss!

Amy Myers, Au.D., our head audiologist, has written a comprehensive information guide for parents of children who have been recently diagnosed as having hearing loss. The Family Resource Guide is comprehensive and contains many links for services that are available in North Carolina. The information is available for download and printing as a .pdf file.

Special Battery Offer!

If you refer a patient to our office who purchases a hearing aid, you will receive 12 packs of free batteries for your hearing aid in appreciation for your referral.

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (ca-MRSA) infection

Learn about MRSA & ca-MRSA infections and how you can help to protect you and your family.

Medication Instructions Prior to Your Operation

Many patients have questions about:

  • whether they should stop taking some of their medications prior to having an operation
  • which medications to take early in the morning of the day of their operation.

We have added a new section to help answer your questions on how to best manage your current medications both prior to and on the day of your operation. Click here.

New! - Oticon has announced their latest Ponto 3 sound processors.

Click here to learn more about the new Ponto 3 family of sound processors.

New! - Ponto Hearing Implant - V 2.0 of Osseo-Integrated Hearing Implants

Dr. Kraus is implanting the Ponto hearing implant for patients with conductive hearing loss and single sided deafness. The Ponto, by Oticon, is the second generation of osseo-integrated implant to be approved by the US FDA. The Ponto is being implanted through a minimally invasive punch technique - no incisions, only a 5mm punch. Skin grafts and vertical incisions have been eliminated. Contact our audiology department if you would like to learn more about the Ponto! The Ponto implant itself has been enhanced by laser etching between the threads of the implant to facilitate osseo-integration. The newly enhanced Ponto is called the Ponto BHX implant.

New! - BAHA 5 Sound Processors

Cochlear Americas has announced its new BAHA 5 Sound Processors. The BAHA5 SP is 26 mm high and 13% smaller than the BAHA 4 SP but has identical power output. Click here. The BAHA 5 has many wireless features, including iPhone app control. The newBAHA5 Power SP has replaced the BAHA Intenso. The newBAHA5 SuperPower SP is an ear level processor that has replaced the original BAHA Cordelle body worn device. All of the new BAHA5 SPs have direct wireless capability!

BAHA DermaLock Abutment

Click here to learn about the new BAHA DermaLock Abutment that is coated with hydroxyapatite.

Three Cochlear Americas Nucleus Profile Implants (Slim Modiolar CI532, Contour Advance CI512, and Slim Straight Electrode CI522)

Cochlear Americas now has three thin Nucleus Profile CI's, one with a slim modiolar electrode array (Slim Modiolar CI532), one with a coiled electrode (Contour Advance CI512) and one with a Slim Straight Electrode (CI522). Click here.

New! - Advanced Bionics & Phonak Cochlear Implant & Sound Processors

Advanced Bionics & Phonak are now offering their HiRes 90K Family of cochlear implants and new Naida CI Q70 and Neptune Sound Processors. Click here to learn more!

Care Credit

The Ear Center is now offering a third party payment plan option through "Care Credit". For more information concerning Care Credit or to apply on-line, visit the Care Credit Web site.

Last revised July 31, 2019