Ear Center: Our Sub-Specialty Interests

  • Otosclerosis management including stapedectomy and revision stapedectomy
  • Acute and chronic middle ear and mastoid surgery for infection, trauma, cholesteatoma, etc.
  • Ossicular reconstruction
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Cochlear implant surgery (Cochlear Americas & Advanced Bionics devices)
  • Implantable middle ear devices including the BAHA™ osseointegrated device and the MAXUM Hearing Implant
  • Meniere's disease evaluation and medical/surgical management
  • Acoustic neuroma evaluations
  • Vestibular evaluations
  • Evaluation and management of hearing loss due to any cause (genetic, congenital, traumatic, sudden, infectious, neoplastic, degenerative, autoimmune, metabolic, toxic, functional, etc.)
  • Evaluation and management of tinnitus

Dr. Kraus has a special interest in ossicular reconstruction, stapedectomy, high tech hearing implants, and the otolaryngologic management of Down Syndrome.

Last revised November 28, 2011