Ear Center: Teaching & Research Activities

Targeted Drug Delivery Using Magnetic Nano-Particles

Dr. Kraus is serving as a surgical advisor to Otomagnetics, LLC. Otomagnetics is developing magnetic nano-particles for targeted drug delivery. Efforts are currently focused on the delivery of medications to difficult to reach sites such as the cochlea, eye, and skin. The research is currently investigational and has not been approved or cleared by the U.S. FDA.

Totally Implantable Hearing Devices

ESTEEM™ Totally Implantable Hearing Implant

Dr. Kraus was one of five U.S. co-investigators involved in the Envoy Medical Corporation investigational first generation ESTEEM™ Totally Implantable Hearing Device Phase II FDA Clinical Trial that began in 2004. Dr. Kraus helped to develop many of the operative techniques used for implanting the first generation ESTEEM™. He mentored all of the U.S. surgeon co-investigators (teams from Newport Beach, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Pittsburgh, PA, and Burlington, MA.), German surgeon investigators in Magdeburg, Koblenz, Kassel, Krefeld, and Cologne Germany, and surgeons from France, Italy, Belgium, England, Spain, Egypt, Dubai, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, South Africa, and Israel.

A second generation Envoy ESTEEM™ II Clinical Trial began in February, 2008. Dr. Kraus was one of three U.S. co-investigators partipating in the trial. Twenty-three study participants were successfully implanted.

Semi-Implantable Hearing Implants

Cochlear Implants

Dr. Eric M. Kraus

In 1987, Dr. Kraus was one of the original 15 co-investigators for Cochlear Corporation (now Cochlear Americas) during the Pediatric Cochlear Implant FDA Clinical Trial. It was the work of these co-investigators from across the United States that eventually led to U.S. FDA approval for pediatric cochlear implants in July, 1990.

Drs. Kraus actively implants post-lingual adults and children with cochlear implants.

Educational Activities

Surgeons' Temporal Bone Training

1. ESTEEM™ Totally Implantable Hearing Device Training:

ESTEEM™ Surgeon Training: Dr. Kraus has trained otologic surgeons on implantable hearing device surgical techniques. Three day training courses were held in April, July, August, September, and November 2007. In 2008, courses were held in February, March, April, June, July, August, September, December of 2008. In 2009, courses were held in January, May, and November.

2. Kraus K-Helix Middle Ear Prostheses Training:

Dr. Kraus trained otologic surgeons from California, Connecticut, and North Carolina on July 25, 2008 and surgeons from Italy, Israel, and the United Kingdom on May 26-27, 2009 in the use of the new Kraus K-Helix prostheses (Kraus K-Helix Crown, Kraus K-Helix Piston) for middle ear reconstruction (endoskeletal ossicular reconstruction).

Scientific Oral Presentations

Click here for a list of Dr. Kraus's scientific oral presentations.


TED Talk

Dr. Kraus gave a TED Talk entitled "Hearing, Smart Phones & Empowerment". The talk was presented at the TEDxGreensboro TED event, "The Future Regardless", Triad Stage, Greensboro, NC, May 8, 2014. Learn more at www.tedxgreensboro.com.

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