Ear Center: Surgery Instructions

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Aspirin and Other Medications

Prior to your operation, it is very important for you to avoid taking aspirin, aspirin containing, or aspirin-like medications such as ibuprofen, etc. These medications can cause both intraoperative and postoperative bleeding complications. You will find a link under the "Preoperative Instructions" to Aspirin products that should be avoided.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol®)

Acetaminophen (Tylenol®) may be used preoperatively and postoperatively for pain control and for treating fever. Please read the instructions packaged with all acetaminophen containing products and adhere to all recommendations and dosage specifications. To help prevent potential acetaminophen toxicity, especially in children, it is very important for children to receive the proper dose and to have subsequent doses given at the proper intervals.

During some operations, acetaminophen (Ofirmev®) may be given intravenously. To help prevent potential toxicity, it is important that you or your child do not receive additional doses of acetaminophen for 6 hours after receiving Ofirmev®.

Click here for a list of medications that contain acetaminophen.



Adults and children over 3 years of age may eat regular food until 12 midnight the evening before their operation.

Children 3 years or younger may eat regular food until 12 midnight the evening before their operation. From 12 midnight to 3 am., they may have clear liquids only (water or apple juice). After 3 am, nothing should be put in the mouth, including chewing gum, crackers, gold fish crackers, etc.

If your child eats anything after the above times, the anesthesiologist will cancel the procedure and will postpone to another day!