Ear Center: Postoperative Instructions for Adenoidectomy

Postoperative Instructions for Adenoidectomy

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  1. An intermittent, low grade fever up to 101oF is common during the first week after an adenoidectomy. We suggest that you use liquid or chewable Tylenol every 4 hours for fever or pain.

  2. DO NOT GIVE CHILDREN UNDER 18 ANY ASPIRIN or any products that contain aspirin such as Bufferin, Anacin, Ecotrin, Aspirin gum, BC Powders, headache powders, or Alka Seltzer after an adenoidectomy because these products can promote bleeding. Please check with our office before administering any other medications for the patient that we have not prescribed or recommended.

  3. A noticeable nasal odor is common and will usually resolve within a week. You may also notice snoring for up to one week, which is due to temporary swelling associated with adenoidectomy. A temporary change in pitch or voice quality is common and will usually resolve once healing is complete.

  4. Your child may experience ear pain or a dull headache after having an adenoidectomy. This is called "referred pain" and comes from the throat and is felt in the ears or top of the head. Referred pain is quite common and will usually go away spontaneously. Normally, referred pain is worse at night. We recommend giving your child a dose of pain medication 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime to help promote sleeping.

  5. Your child may return to school as soon as he or she feels well, usually 1 to 2 days. Please refrain from gymnastics classes and sports for one week.

  6. You may notice a small amount of bloody drainage from the nose or back of the throat for up to 48 hours. Please call our office at (336) 273-9932 for any persistent bleeding.

  7. Mouth breathing may persist as a habit until your child becomes accustomed to breathing through the nose. Conversion to nasal breathing is variable but will usually occur with time. Minor sporadic snoring may persist despite adenoidectomy especially if the tonsils have not been removed.

  8. Please do not hesitate to call us at (336) 273-9932, if you should have any questions.

Click here to download this page as a pdf and print.

Last revised November 28, 2011