Ear Center: Postoperative Instructions for BAHA & Ponto Hearing Implants

Postoperative Instructions for BAHA & Ponto Hearing Implants

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1. REST: Rest as much as possible after you arrive home. You may feel tired or slightly weak following your procedure. It is recommended that you limit your physical activity for the next 24 hours and rest at home for the remainder of today and tonight. No strenuous activity should be started without your surgeon’s permission.

2. DO NOT DRIVE: Do not drive, operate any machinery, or make any major decisions the day of your procedure. You have received powerful anesthetic medications. Avoid undue fatigue or exposure to colds or upper respiratory tract infections, if possible.

3. DRESSING: If provided, please wear the mastoid dressing overnight to protect your ear and implant as you may experience some bleeding or drainage from the implant site. Report to your surgeon any excessive bleeding or drainage. Keep the dressing clean and dry. Keep your head elevated on 2 pillows for 3 nights following your procedure to reduce swelling. Avoid lying directly on the implant site for the first week following the procedure.

4. REMOVING THE DRESSING: You may remove the dressing the morning after your procedure. Separate the Velcro straps and remove the cotton from around your ear. Leave the plastic healing cap that is attached to your implant. If the healing cap falls off, remove the yellow gauze and snap the cap back onto the titanium implant abutment. You may press firmly. Pressure will not disturb the implant.

5. CARE: Wash your hands with soap and water before cleaning around your implant. Gently clean around the implant with a a Q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide or a moistened washcloth and apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment around the implant.

6. WASHING HAIR: You may shampoo your hair 48 hours following your procedure, provided that water is not permitted to contact the implant. Cover the implant area with plastic wrap and wash your hair “beauty parlor style”. Gently dry the implant side of your head with a dry towel by patting, rather than rubbing, the skin around the implant.

7. PAIN: You may experience some pain following the procedure. Report to your surgeon any severe pain that is not relieved by the medication that has been prescribed for you. You may take Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

8. REDNESS: Report to your surgeon any redness, swelling or pus that develops around the incision. Some redness is expected around the implant.

9. FEVER: Report to your surgeon any elevation in your temperature of 101F or higher.

10. MEDICATIONS: If an antibiotic has been prescribed for you, fill the prescription promptly and take all of the medication as directed until the entire supply is gone. Follow all label instructions for any medications that have been prescribed for you.

11. DIET: Follow a soft diet for the day of your procedure. Advance your diet to regular the day following your procedure.

12. ACTIVATION: Your implant will be activated 4-6 weeks following your procedure to permit time for healing and osseo-integration (fusion of bone with the implant).

12. CALL YOUR SURGEON: If any of the following should occur, contact your physician:

1. Persistent bleeding from the implant site.
2. Persistent fever greater than 101F.
3. Purulent drainage (pus) from around the implant.
4. Increasing redness or pain along or around the implant.
5. Persistent pain, dizziness, or severe headache.
6. Rash involving your ear, incision or skin.
7. Persistent nausea or vomiting.
8. Swelling of your lips, tongue or throat or any troubles breathing.

13. Additional instructions:

1. _________________________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________________________
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It is important for you to return for your scheduled appointment(s). Please call our office at 336-273-9932 if you have any questions.

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Click here to download and print a copy of these instructions

Last revision December 6, 2015